Joan Capria
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I have had the privilege to work with and help some wonderful people.

Here are a few testimonials from some of our clients:

 "Joan Capria is a wonderful realtor.  She found us the perfect house.  We travel a lot, so we were only available for one afternoon to look at properties.  We found the house that day!!  We are now proud to call her our friend as well as our realtor and we love her." -  Steve & Allison Earle

“Joan is the perfect Real Estate agent. She was never too busy to be there for us. She's dedicated to finding the right home for her clients. She has a kind of persistence which is never satisfied until the optimal outcome is achieved. Even thought we weren't the easiest clients, she always kept our best interests in mind, even at her own expense. She consistently goes above and beyond with a very caring attitude. That's why her clients remain her friends.” - Ravi Singh & Ana Brett

“I have bought five homes in the last ten years, ranging from a fixer-upper in Seattle, Washington, to a million dollar condo in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Purchasing this home in Woodstock was my single favorite real estate experience.

The reason for this was Joan Capria, who not only took an exceptional amount of time to familiarize me with the entire Woodstock community and neighboring areas, but also listened to my very specific idea of what I was looking for, and what I wasn't looking for. Over the course of several months, Joan managed to pinpoint and communicate homes of interest via the website during the week, and then show me everything of interest in person over the weekend. What I appreciated in particular was that Joan took a personal interest in what my idea of a home in Woodstock would be.

When your real estate agent becomes your friend, you know you have made the right choice--not just in terms of a real estate agent, but in terms of a community you want to be part of. Since I bought my house Joan has been a constant support for me in finding other services in the area. I realized very quickly after I bought my home that she was in for the long-term. We are now good friends.

Anyone who wants my personal recommendation for Joan can pretty much meet me at The Bear or the Red Onion any Saturday night. Or at Bread Alone on Sunday morning.”

 - Mark Marvel, Director of Video Sales,

“The best part of working with Joan is that we can tell how much she truly loves her job. Along with her deep knowledge and love of the area, she brings a genuine sense of care and compassion into the process of finding a house. I was amazed at how quickly she tuned into our taste. She knows the rules and logistics of the ever-changing real estate market inside-out, and makes a new buyer feel totally comfortable to be in such accommodating and competent hands. She is 100% on top of her game -- if you're house hunting with Joan, you're lucky!” - Caitlin & Kale Kapolishin

“We have had the pleasure of working with Joan Capria on two real estate transactions. In each case Joan served as a 'buyer's broker' on our behalf. Joan is a very committed professional -- she is honest, smart, diligent, patient and hardworking -- and has proven herself to be a very capable buyer's representative. She also is very familiar with the local market and can surely serve capably as a seller's representative as well. We recommend her without reservations." - Williams & Russ, Woodstock, NY”

“When our church decided that I would be appointed pastor to a church that owned no parsonage we needed to find and buy a home in the Kingston area in under three months time. Joan Capria had been highly recommended to us and those people were right! Joan understood our need for some haste and our desire not to make a mistake in finding the right home for us. She helped us in every area that we wanted or needed help and did so with energy, integrity and joy. I mention the joy part because searching for homes can be very stressful at times but Joan helped us to enjoy the "hunt" so that when we did indeed find the new home it felt like a joy, not the end of some up-hill battle. Almost one year later we know we have the perfect home for us and we would use Joan again at any time and can recommend her with the same enthusiasm, as did the people who recommended her to us.”

- Rev. David and Donna Jolly

“Joan is one of the most honest, ethical, generous and down to earth realtors I've ever dealt with. As a person her sincerity shines. I cannot recommend her strongly enough.”

- Linda Lynton

"Joan is a very capable, reliable real estate agent. It is very hard to describe to someone what you are looking for in a home, when you don't know yourself. However, Joan prevailed to work with us and responded to our ever increasing questions. She knew that we had idiosyncrasys like "don't say the property is cute, lovely or sweet, etc." because that drove us up the wall. She could read her clients and know what to say. After 8 months of looking for a home in the Woodstock and Shandaken areas we finally found what we were looking for. It was definitely curb appeal. Thank you Joan. - Ruth & Norman Darvie

"Joan was an absolute pleasure to work with. Being sensitive to the fact that we were from out of town, she provided plenty of listings to review in advance of our visits and then planned the visits so that no time was wasted. She made suggestions, offered ideas and made realistic observations given our likes, dislikes and limitations. We would not hesitate to recommend her to others looking for a home in the Hudson Valley.” - Larry and Diana.

"As first-time buyers, it was great to have Joan working as our agent. She explained each step of the purchasing process and was always available to help us navigate our way through it. Joan did whatever was necessary to get the job done, even when it meant staying on the phone with us until midnight on a Friday night to draft an offer to the seller (yes, she actually did do that).  Joan made it possible for us buy the house we wanted, and if we ever purchase another piece of local property, we will definitely ask her to be our agent again." - Gabriel and Desiree

"Joan is the kind of realtor that you not only want to invite over for dinner, but also goes above and beyond your expectations to guide you through what can be an annoying experience to make it as painless and exciting as possible. She was always available, always had or would get the answer to your question, and even now- after we have moved in and are loving our weekend escape she still provides us with her knowledge and experience from being a veteran in the business and the area.

This is who you want to be on your side when buying a home." - Megan and Richard (NYC)

"As first time house buyers, my wife and I did not know what to expect of an agent. How lucky we feel we were to have found Joan Capria. She was wonderfully competent, attentive to detail, concerned that we be comfortable with all the decisions involved in purchasing our home. Offering astute professional guidance at every turn, she finally became a good friend. We couldn't be happier--with the house and the agent who led us to it"  - Judy & Michael Rosenthal

"Joan is a realtor who works for the benefit of the buyer. She gives her honest input and never attempts to push anyone into buying. In my personal experience, Joan was available whenever I wanted to look at a house. She would rearrange her schedule to meet my needs and was always flexible regarding time. Joan is very easy going and understands the stress in regards to buying a house. She was willing to show me the same property numerous times while I was attempting to make up my mind of whether or not I wanted to make an offer. Joan was very helpful in regards to informing me about the house buying process. She led me through everything even past my closing date. Joan shows that she cares about the buyer and even stopped by my house after I had moved in for a few months to see the changes that I had made. Joan is a very easy person to talk to and never tried to “sugar coat” anything about a house that I was interested in. If I had questions regarding a house, Joan would contact the other realtor and get the information that I wanted within a few days. She worked with me for about a year and never gave up helping me find a house that met my needs. Overall, my experience with Joan was memorable and I have continued to keep in touch with her. I have and would recommend Joan as a realtor." - Kylene Thomas

“Joan was wonderful from beginning to end. She kept me informed about the transaction. She was seemingly knowledgeable about the market and responded to emails and calls in a clairvoyant way, really!” - David F

“Joan helped us sell 2 properties, even a tenant that threatened her with loaded weapons didn’t scare her away!” - Cher P

“She truly knows the area & her clients’ happiness means a lot to her” - Betty

"Joan Capria is a caring and compassionate person who uses her expert knowledge of real estate to help her clients find the right property.

Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity" - Joan & John Poole

"Joan is the hardest working real estate agent in the Hudson Valley!" - Marissa Gimeno

"I had a great experience working with Joan on a property I was looking to purchase. She was very helpful in the process which required navigating between multiple parties and helped to keep everyone on the same page. Joan has a deep bench of relationships in the local market and helped bring the right people in to move the deall forward."

Top Qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative  - Matthew Meek

"Joan is awesome. Pure and simple. When I needed help selling my property she was there 100% through the entire process. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants integrity and value for service. Thanks Joan." Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity - John March

"Joan Capria not only knows her industry, but also knows her clients. She helped guide us through the purchase of our first single family home, making the process as painless and simple as possible. Not only do I recommend Joan to anyone I hear who is looking to buy a home in the area, but I will work with her the next time I am looking to purchase or sell a home myself." Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity - Megan Oldenburger

"Buying a house can be an arduous, emotional journey.  It's not just the repetitive experience of going to see literally 30 or 40 homes (as my wife and I did), but there's the sheer number of hours involved in undertaking these visits.  Thankfully, we lucked out and had Joan Capria enter our lives.  Yes, we ended up buying the perfect house for us, but we also gained a true friend."

"Joan shared hours and hours of car rides with us as we drove all around Ulster County, week after week, and often with our dog hopping restlessly around the car. We got lost a few times on some winding mountain roads, encountered an unexpected deer on the porch of one house, we sometimes arrived late to meet Joan at the start of the day.  We even got caught in a rainstorm or two...

But through it all, Joan was a patient, supportive friend.  We shared stories, bonded, learned about each other's childhoods.  Because Joan took the time to talk on the phone at night, on weekends, and whenever we had questions, and really supported us as we wrestled with so many different decisions, we were able to buy the one house that really felt right to us.

It's funny to look back and think that Joan was our realtor/broker [JOAN-- please put whatever title is appropriate].  She's family now, someone we really love.  We're thankful for her experience and wisdom, and we urge anyone who is thinking of buying their first house (as this was for us) to seek out Joan's good friendsip and counsel. With greatest regards, Steven Capozzola"

"Working with Joan was like working with an old friend. She listened to what we said we wanted and really "got" us. She helped us define and refine our criteria and didn't push us to look at houses that didn't suit. She wouldn't even let us consider homes that she deemed bad bargains. She took us back for second looks with our friends, and she even sat with us in her pajamas in her living room late one Sunday night to make sure we got our offer in when the timing was tight. We were first-time home buyers, and she patiently walked us through the process explaining every step. If we ever need to buy another house (which we won't, because we LOVE our home), we wouldn't do it without Joan."

- Ellen Davidson, Woodstock

"Joan is one of the warmest real estate agents we've ever had the pleasure of working with. She took the time to get to know us personally and to help find the perfect home. Her knowledge of competent inspection agents, lawyers and repair workers as well as her skills in negotiation made it possible for us to have the house of our dreams!" - Adrien Finckle

“We’re very grateful for a friend’s referral to Joan. After she quickly helped us find the perfect home, she went above and beyond throughout the entire process, and gave excellent guidance the whole time. Since closing, we couldn’t be more pleased with life in Woodstock, where Joan is a now close friend. Whenever we have company and they fall in love with the area, we make sure and introduce them to Joan because we know no one will be more thorough, committed, and caring.” - Owen Biddle & Adrien Reju